#PZ2-03 Pfaltzgraff  Large Wyndham Canister
1 available
Excellent condition with no damage. Does NOT have a lid.  8" diameter x 8" tall. On bottom: Mark= 3-1/2 Qt. Canister. Pfaltzgraff logo, 506. This would be a great replacement for a broken canister or would make an excellent vase, planter or utensil holder to match your other Wyndham dinnerware.  (Retail Price $39.00) My Price
Vintage & Collectible 
Remembrance, Wyndham, 
Gazebo  & Poetry,  
dinnerware & accessories

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Pfaltzgraff Wyndham Canister
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Salt & Pepper Shakers
#PZ2-01 Pfaltzgraff  Wyndham Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set
1 set available
Excellent "unused " condition. Creamer measures about 4-1/2" tall and the sugar bowl measures about 6" tall with cover. Beautiful  Creamer and Sugar Bowl are in the Wyndham creamy color with the delicate rose and flower pattern near the top.  Set a Lovely Table with Wyndham. 
(Retail Price $44.98)
$32.00 set                                                          
Pottery, Miscellaneous

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Pfaltzgraff  Wyndham Salt & Pepper Shakers
Wyndham Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set
#PZ2-02 Pfaltzgraff Wyndham Salt & Pepper Shakers
1 set available
Beautiful set of shakers 6" tall in excellent condition.  Creamy colored pottery with delicate flower pattern around the top.  (Retail Price $19.99)
$15.00                                                        Order
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Johann George Pfaltzgraff came from Germany and settled in York County Pennsylvania about 1811.  He was a potter by trade and continued his craft in his new home country of America.  He made utilitarian earthenware vessels for neighboring farmers and shopkeepers.  He also produced a family of potters that has become an American Legend.  York Pennsylvania is still the company's headquarters and it is said to be the oldest, continuously operating commercial pottery manufacturer in the United States. Pfaltzgraff started making dinnerware in the late 1940's. The Pfaltzgraff Castle in Germany is what the logo on the dinnerware is based on. Pfaltzgraff is quality pottery and stoneware.  The patterns are beautiful and charming.  It continues to be a favorite dinnerware for both everyday and special occasion use.
This vintage and charming Pfaltzgraff  Poetry-Glossy pattern was produced in the 1980s.  It has the familiar baroque shape and is finished in a high gloss glaze,  This pattern has been retired. It is a light blue gray color with delicate blue flower and blue trim on some of the pieces. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. All pieces listed here are in Good to Excellent Condition.  Any flaws will be noted in the description.  Click HERE to view the impressed mark . It has the Castle logo and reads Pfaltzgraff, copyright USA. It is present on all the pieces.
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Pfaltzgraff Poetry Dinner Plate
Pfaltzgraff Poetry Sugar Bowl with Lid, and Creamer
#PZ2-1B Pfaltzgraff Poetry Creamer
Excellent condition. Creamer measures about 4 3/4" tall. 
#PZ2-3 Pfaltzgraff Poetry Dinner Plate
1 available
This dinner plate has a small, less than 1/4" chip, in the rim of plate, Click HERE to see Close Up of chip.  It is not readily noticeable.  No cracks or crazing.  Plate in Good useable condition. Discounted price.
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#PZ2-1 Pfaltzgraff Poetry Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set Excellent condition. 
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Sugar Bowl & Creamer

Pfaltzgraff Gazebo Sugar Bowl Lid
#PGW-07 Pfaltzgraff Gazebo Sugar Bowl Lid
1 available
Gazebo Garland Lid in perfect condition.  3 3/4" diameter.
 Pfaltzgraff Remembrance Utensil Holder-Vase
#PGR-3  Pfaltzgraff Remembrance Utensil Holder-Vase, Pale Pink
1 available
Rembrance was introduced in 1984. Beautiful pottery utensil holder-vase, 6 1/2" tall. There are 3 tiny flowers, white, pink and peach and lacy leaves on all four sides. Remembrance is one of most popular patterns that Pfaltzgraff made. This one is in like new, mint condition. It has the castle back stamp and impressed marks. Use for display or or for flower arrangements. Primary use is as a utensil holder for the table or in the kitchen. It would be a nice gift for a special person..
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#PZ2-1B Pfaltzgraff Poetry Sugar Bowl
Excellent condition.About 4 1/2"tall.