Hammered Brass Kettle, India
Brass Kettle, India
Vintage and Collectible Copper
Kettles, Canister, 
World Bazaar Inc, India

#MB2-1 Brass Kettle from India
2 available  Vintage 70s Brass Kettle. Shaped hammered brass. Planter or other uses. Iron chain like handles on either side.   It is  4" tall, and 5 ¼" top diameter.  There are a few normal wear specks and it has a nice patina. Label reads, World Bazaar, Inc., Commerce, CA 90040.  Made in India. No dents and Overall in Very Good Condition.
$12.00 each                                                      
Copper Cookie Can
Copper Cookie Can, open
#MB2-3 Copper Cookie or Storage Canister
1 available
Solid copper canister lined with stainless steel. It is large at 9" tall including the handle, and 6 3/4" in diameter.  There is some wear to the finish on the bottom edges underneath the can,  some small specks, and a 1" spot underneath the word Cookies.  It is a very attractive, fairly heavy container, and even with the wear to the finish looks antique and nice for display.   
I have one just like it that I bought in the 70s that I use to store brown and powdered sugar in bags. It keeps them from drying out after they have been opened.  No dents and in Very Good Condition. Practical, Quality Copper collectible.

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