Large Satin Glass Bud Vase
#BV-01 Large Satin Glass Bud Vase
1 available
This beautiful vintage 70s , Art Glass, Yellow Frosted bud vase is 12" tall and has a base diameter of 2 3/4".  This may be what is called stretch glass. There are light streaks running vertically from top to base which do not show up well in the picture.  This is a delicate yellow and quite elegant looking vase.  Ruffled top and thicker at the base which makes it stable. Unmarked. Excellent condition. Was $29.00, Now
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#BV-02 Prescut Green Bud Vase
1 available 
Beautiful prescut depression glass budvase.  No mark except number embossed on the bottom 4092 on one side and a large 2 on the other side.  9" tall, top 1 1/2" diameter, bottom bulb 3 3/8" wide. The pattern is like a diamond waffle that gets larger at the base. Fairly deep lines.  Vase is old, c 40s or 50s, and in mint condition.  No chips, cracks or mfg. flaws that I can detect. A wonderful item for the budvase or depression glass collector.
Prescut Green Bud Vase
Crystal Indiana Bud Vase
#BV-03 Crystal Indiana Bud Vase
1 available
Lovely clear glass budvase, probably from the 60s or 70s. Label on bottom reads, "Made in USA, item #0840, Indiana Glass Co. Lancaster Colony, OH.  9" tall, top 2 3/8" diameter, base 2 3/8" diameter. No chips, cracks or flaws. There are rounded and ribbed panels all around the vase. Three to five flowers  look beautiful in it.
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#BV-06 Hour Glass Bud Vase
1 available
Lovely Vintage 70s delicate glass bud vase, with an hour glass shape. Light swirl pattern that makes the glass look wavy. 9 3/4" tall. 2 1/4" base diameter, Small manufacturing oval bubble.  Soft green color.  Very Good Condition. Label on bottom, Made in Korea.
Hour Glass Bud Vase
#BV-09 Crystal Bell Bud Vase
1 available
Lovely footed Bell Shaped bud vase.  Vintage 50s. 10 1/4" tall,  2 7/8 " base.  Ruffled top. Excellent Condition.  Simple and delicate. Unmarked.
Crystal Bell Shape Bud Vase
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#BV-07 Anchor Hocking Wexford Bud Vase
1 available
Beautiful vintage 60s Wexford Crystal by Anchor Hocking, small bud vase. 6" tall,  3 1/4"  wide hexagon base. Prescut glass. It has the scalloped edge, waffle pattern, and sunburst on bottom. Mint condition.  Nice vase for the Wexford or bud vase collector.
Anchor Hocking Wexford Bud Vase
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