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#BSK-4 Wicker Bicycle Basket
1 available
Vintage 80s. Really neat and quality basket.  Overall the bicycle basket combination is 7" long, 6" tall and 4" wide at the basket. It looks like a rickshaw type of conveyance with a bicycle to ride instead of a coolie running and pulling the basket. The basket is plastic lined and filled with Spanish moss. The light tan is wicker and the  brown is a flexible plastic. No holes or loose wicker. Lots of options for decorative uses. In Excellent Condition. This basket is so cute it makes you smile.
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Rag Braid Basket
Wicker Rectangular Basket
Wicker Wine Basket
Wicker Swatter
#BSK-5 Wicker Swatter
1 available
This appears to be a wicker swatter for display.  It may be used as a mini-fan with a long handle. It is 22' long, and the swatter is 4" by 5". There is one loose piece of wicker where the swatter is attached.  The end of the handle has been split to hold the swatter in place and it is securely attached. Very Good Condition.  It would look nice with a display of other wicker pieces.
Wicker Swatter, close up
#BSK-6 Wicker Wine Basket
1 available
This is a  vintage 80s wicker basket that holds a bottle of wine for display.  It can be set on a buffet or table or hung on the wall.  It is in Very Good condition and is well made.  It could be used in a wicker display.  It is 18" tall, basket 4 1/4" tall and 5" in diameter.  There is something charming about these made for a purpose wicker items.
#BSK-7 Wicker Rectangle Basket
1 available 
This is a vintage 70s wicker basket with handle.  Light color and a wide rounded top edge and rolled handle.  Very Good condition.  There is a plastic liner sewn inside and may be used to hold potted flowers. It is 10" long, 7" wide and the basket is 5 " deep.  From top of handle to base is 11".  A well made and attractive basket.
#BSK-8 Rag Braid Basket
1 available
Pretty vintage 80s basket hand made from cotton blend fabric. Green color base trimmed in floral print with a bow on each side.  It is 6 14" tall, basket is  3 1/4" deep, and 4 " top diameter.  the handle is two rows of braid.  It contained  popourri, but could be used for flowers or any other purpose.  Excellent condition.
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Wicker Bicycle Basket, Front
Wicker Bicycle Basket, Side
Wicker Bicycle Basket, Back
#BSK-1 Vintage 70s Apples, Nuts and Pine Cones  Basket
1 available
These elaborate and decorative arrangements, made of good quality materials, were very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. This basket is made of closely woven wicker and has a wood and wicker handle.  There are 6 apples, 4 walnuts and 5 pine cones nestled in the greenery. It is 7 1/2" wide and 8 1/2" tall. Although decorative in any setting it can be used as a centerpiece for everyday or special occasions.  Vintage and collectible in Excellent Condition. 
Was $15.00 sale now $9.00                Order
Vintage 70s Apples, Nuts and Pine Cones  Basket
Vintage 70s Apples, Nuts and Pine Cones  Basket
Vintage 70s Fruit and Nut Basket
Vintage 70s Fruit and Nut Basket
#BSK-2 Vintage 70s Fruit and Nut Basket
1 available
These elaborate and decorative arrangements, made of good quality materials were very  popular in the 1970s.  This basket is made of closely woven wicker. There are 7 lemons, 9 walnuts, two bunches of grapes, and 2 sprigs of cherries nested in the greenery.  There is a beetle crawling on the top lemon. Overall the arrangement is 11 1/2" long and 8 1/2" tall.  It makes a decorative table centerpiece for everyday or special occasion. Excellent Condition. 
Was $18.00, Sale now $10.00                                Order
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