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Lovely Bayberry votive in apothecary jar from early 70s.  Lidded jar is 3 1/2" tall, 2 1/8" square with top diameter of 2" . Old candle still has nice bayberry scent. Candle habeen lit a few times.  A little wear to the label that reads Scented Bayberry. Jar is in mint condition.

CA3-4 Vintage Crystal Hobnail Votive
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This beautiful hobnail depression glass votive is  2 1/2" tall,
 2 1/4"  diameter. Fairly thick glass.  No  chips, cracks or  flaws.  Probably made by Anchor Hocking as it seems to have the alternate size bars on two sides.  It is  just the right size for a toothpick holder. Although  quite common in the 40s-50s & 60s they are hard to find now in this quality thick glass.
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CA3-3 Vintage Cobalt Blue Hobnail Votive
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Beautiful ribbed depression glass Cobalt Blue votive. Cobalt is a rich blue color. Thick glass  2 1/2" tall, 2 1/2"  diameter. No chips, cracks or flaws. Label reads Indiana Glass, Cincinnati OH. Vintage votives were made with this thicker quality glassware.  Excellent condition.
Bayberry Candle in Apothecary Jar, open
Bayberry Candle in Apothecary Jar
These lovely vintage votive candle holders are from the mid 20th century.  Exact dates are unknown but some appear to be depression glass. You can tell by the quality and the thickness of the glass that they are much older than the more recent votives that may have the same pattern, but the glass is thinner.  They also make decorative toothpick holders for festive meals or buffets.
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Cobalt Blue Votive
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Petals Votive Candle
CA3-1 Vintage Crystal Glass Petal like leaves Hobnail Votive
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This beautiful hobnail depression glass votive is a clear glass base with 6 open embossed leaves, There is a raised scallop edge trim on the leaves. 2 5/8" tall, 4"  diameter. Thick glass. No chips, cracks or flaws. Just a small remnant of a label There is a candle that has been lit. It is a unique shape for a votive candle holder.  Probably vintage 40s or 50sExcellent condition.