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Metlox, Aztec Ruins New Mexico,
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Souvenier New Mexico cedar Salt & Pepper shakers
Metlox flowers S & P shakers
#F1-3 Metlox Salt and Pepper Shakers
1 set available 
Wonderful Vintage pottery with Daisy Patterned Flowers
Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Basket Weave Pattern. About  2 3/4" tall. Marked Metlox on hard plastic stoppers. Each has a tiny chip on the underside of a daisy~not noticeable and very minor. Lovely set for the Metlox or salt and pepper shakers collector.
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Pottery Salt & Pepper shakers in wicker basket
SPS-1 Pottery S&P Shakers in Basket
1 set available
Beautiful Vintage blue and very light gray pottery salt and pepper set with wicker basket.  The shakers sit inside the basket for display and use.  There is an embossed swan and leaves on one side of each shaker. Also embossed S on the salt that has two fairly large holes on top, and P on the pepper with one hole.  They are 3 1/2" tall.  Basket is  5 1/2" long, 2 7/8" wide. They have rubber stoppers and look like they have not been used.  Excellent condition, 
SPS-3 Souvenir New Mexico Cedar Wood S&P Shakers
1 set available
Vintage,Tiny 1 1/4" tall souvenir  S&P shakers. Salt is marked  Salt and Aztec Ruins, N. M. They look hand made.  The salt is lighter wood on one side.  Pepper is darker cedar and marker Pepper in larger letters than the salt. Salt has a metal stopper and pepper a plastic stopper. They look like they have not been used.  Very Good condition, 
Corn ears plastic S & P shakers
Aztec Indian Ruins souvenier pepper shaker
Montana Aztec Indian Ruins pepper shaker
Presscut and silver plate shakers and tray
Silver plate tray and prescut  S&P shakers
Mint Green, Gold Trim S&P Shakers
Large Gemco shakers
SPS-4 Mint Green Gold Trim S&P Shakers
1 set available
Vintage 60s porcelain S & P shakers with gold trim. They are the same except the 13 holes in the top of one are larger than in the other. Oriental type design on one side.  Cork stoppers. They are 2"  tall and in Excellent condition.
Most collectors of Salt and Pepper shakers do not use their collectibles  for table use. Those listed here are suitable for both use and display.   Any flaws will be included in the descriptions.  The Hallmark Bunnies look and feel like ceramic to me. The ones sealed on the cards maybe ceramic or plastic. Cards read Mfd. for and 
© Hallmark Cards Inc. K.C. MO. Made  in China
SPS-5 Large Crystal Gemco Salt or Sugar Shakers
1 set available
Vintage 50s. These large shakers are good for use as well as display.  They have chrome screw on tops.    The one on the left has an adjustable top over three holes that can be set for fine, like salt, or open to almost 1/4" for sugar or grated cheese, dried herbs, etc.  The one on the right is missing the adjustable top but could be used for sugar, cheese, herbs, etc. Impressed mark on bottom reads USA Gemco. They are 6" tall and in Excellent condition.
SPS-6 Mini S & P Shakers in Silver Plate Tray
1 set available
Vintage 50s. The individual type salt and pepper shakers are square diamond prescut with silver plate screw on tops and ornate silver plate tray.  Label reads, Silver Plate Hong Kong.  The silver plate does need polishing. Tray is 3" by 2 1/4" and shakers are 1 1/2" tall.  Lovely vintage set in Very Good Condition.
SPS-7 Montana Aztec Indian Souvenir Pepper Shaker
1 available
Vintage hard plastic souvenir pepper shaker. Impressed on bottom reads, Aztec Indian Ruins  Ashland Montana 58003.
The top lifts off and is tight.  There is a green cylinder around a yellow body that has cutouts of a deer and two hoof prints on one side; a cloud, Indian man, and tepee on the other side.  It is 2" tall, 1 1/4" in diameter.  Unique collectible.  There may be a matching salt shaker somewhere.  The pepper shaker is all that I have. Excellent Condition.
SPS-8 Plastic Corn Ear and Shucks S & P Shakers
1 set available
Vintage 50s. There is one  set of the shakers on the right that is complete.  The extra shaker and top are just extras at no charge  since the set is missing the bottom half of the salt shaker. The tops lift off and sets firmly on a ridge.  They are about 2" tall. They could be used as individual shakers.  Nicely detailed with corn kernels and shucks ridges. Very Good condition. 
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Salt & Peppers Shakers & Salt Dips
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