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#PO-5 Vintage Pottery Crock, BEAN POT
Very old pottery, Depressions era 30's-40s.  My mother actually cooked beans in this pot.  I used it mostly for a cookie jar. The lid has been broken and re-glued. You can see where in the pictures.  The white specks look more paint flicked onto the pot not flecks of missing color.  Some manufacturing bubbles on one side.  All these seem to give it "character."  Marked` Made in USA on bottom.  8" tall by 6" wide. Depression era pottery.
Vintage Pottery BEAN POT
Really nice ceramic 70's water pot.  It came with a flower arrangement.  Flower design is the same on both sides.  Could use it to water plants or display real or artificial flowers. Has a pin head shallow chip in the nub on the handle. Otherwise in excellent condition.  9 1/4" spout to handle, 5" tall. Label, ARDCO fine quality Dallas, made in Taiwan.
$12.00                                                 Order         
#PO-1 Garden Ridge 2 pc set Mini Covered Pie Plates. 
1 set available
Attractive molded ceramic or pottery pie pans/plates with lattice tops.The label on pans read Garden Ridge, Houston Texas Microwave & Dishwasher Safe Made in China. The lattice tops label read Not oven safe, Recommend  Hand Wash. made in China. The pans are 5 1/8" diameter, 1 5/8" tall. Overall height with lid is 4 3/8".Lid  6 3/4" diameter. I set is tan in color and the other one a bit darker Tan. The lids have pumpkin knob handles.  They would look nice on your fall holiday dinner table and could be used for candies, nuts or anything that would fit their size. Two manufacturing small whitish spots on lids. No chips, cracks or flaws. Excellent condition.
$14.00                                                                Order
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Salt Glazed Ramekins Set
Salt Glazed Ramekins Set
#PO-3 Salt Glazed Ramekins Set
Unusual, Vintage and Attractive set of 4 salt glazed pottery ramekins. Gray with blue design both sides, about 1 inch space between the side designs on high side. High side is 3 3/4". Rim side 1 3/4" width across 4 1/8".  Can see light stain in glaze and a circle inside of one ramekin. Some roughness on the bottoms. No chips or cracks. There is a smudge looking mark on one that I can't identify at this time.  Click HERE to see mark. VG Condition. Very decorative and also useful.
$12.00 set of 4                                                               Order
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California Pottery Chip & Dip Set
California Pottery Chip & Dip Set, top
#PO2-4 California Orig. Pottery Chip & Dip Set
Beautiful marbleized shaded browns and orange heavy
California Pottery in Excellent Condition.  Dip bowl sits in the chip tray.  It is 2 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" diameter. The chip bowl is 11 1/4" by 10 1/2" and is 2 1/2" tall. Incised mark on bottom reads "California Orig. 326 U.S.A." 
© 1960s.  Lovely and unusual example of quality California pottery.
$35.00                                                                Order
#PO2-3 Vintage Pottery Double Condiment Crock 
0 available
Incised mark on bottom reads Taiwan
Nice double condiment bowls with handle. Brown and tan thick pottery two bowls. The piece is 7" long, 3 1/4" wide and and 3 " tall including handle.  No chips or cracks.  Overall very good plus condition.  Decorative and unusual pottery serving crock. 
$7.00                                                                  Order
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Vintage Pottery Double Condiment Crock
Vintage Pottery Double Condiment Crock
Garden Ridge 2 pc set Mini Covered Pie Plates.
Garden Ridge 2 pc set Mini Covered Pie Plates.