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Craft Pictures, Dried Flowers
#PIX-2 Craft Pictures, Dried Flowers
Vintage 80s Lovely handcrafted, country decor. Wood frames with glass, 10" by 12". Print fabric background with rick-rack trim. Dried flowers in oval trimmed with lace. Rick Rack border. Fabric hanger with brass ring to hang, brown paper dust cover in back. Very Good Condition. Would complement a Victorian, Country or Early American Decor.
$9.00 for both                                                  Order
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Hog Heaven
Blessings of Friendship Plaque
#PIX-3 Hog Heaven Print
Vintage 70s, picture of a collector plate, "Welcome to Hog Heaven."  Wood frame, black, with glass, 10 1/2" by 8 5/8".  Shows  a happy Hog Family resting on a rock fence covered with blooming morning glories.  Whimsical and amusing picture.  Great find for the pig/hog collector. No flaws and in  Very Good Condition.
#PIX-4 Blessings of Friendship Plaque
Vintage 70s plaque with Inspirational poem.  Click to enlarge image to read poem.  Label on back reads,
"Heirloom Editions T.M., To Have and to Hold. 350HE,
c 1976 The C.M. Paula Co. Cinti., OHIO 45242 USA.
Click HERE to see label.  9" by 9". Decorative hook on top and hole in back to hang on a nail. Composition back   1/2" thick with beveled top edge and wrapped in clear paper.  There is a small round hole in the center and a larger hole in the paper on the lower right side.   I would suggest removing the paper and using decoupage glue over the picture.  Good Condition.  Lovely old fashioned after church scene.
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#PIX-5 Mexican Boy At Well Chalk Wall Sculpture Plaque
Vintage and  Unique 3 dimensional wall sculpture plaque of boy at well with a pottery vessel to draw water. Very detailed  Stone well with Tile roof. The boy is wearing a large sombrero, Shirt with open collar, jagged pants legs, a fringed serape and sandals.  There is a large basket and 2 small pottery containers on the ground and a larger pot in his right hand.  There is a  green Sedona cactus behind the boy on the right side of the well.  The shaped plaque base is 10" long, 
7 ¾" wide and 1" thick.  The sculpture is 6 ½" long, 5 ½" wide and extends 3" deep  above the base. There is a hook on the back to hang.  I don't know if it was hand made or manufactured. It  is hand painted in rich muted colors.  There is a small smudge at the top of the base but  no chips, cracks or paint loss.  Overall in Very Good Plus Condition.  Very nice wall sculpture to complement a Spanish or Southwestern décor.
$12.00                                                                 Order
Mexican Boy At Well Chalk Wall Sculpture  Plaque
Mexican Boy At Well Chalk Plaque, side view
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#PIX-7 Mushrooms & Flowers Chalk Plaque
This handpainted chalk plaque was done in the 60s. They were very popular in the 60s and 70s.  I have two chalk plaques in my kitchen. This one is nicely done with 3 mushrooms and small flowers with a wood like grain background. Embedded wire loop for hanging on the back. There are no chips or cracks in the chalk. Will complement any Country, Retro or Early American Decor. Nostalgic and decorative item in Very Good Condition.
 Mushrooms & Flowers Chalk Plaque
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This is a variety of vintage art. Each type, oil painting, craft pictures, chalk, sentimental, whimsey all had heights of popularity  in certain, time periods.  They are also timeless in that they will compliment any decor or style, nostalgic or coordinated decorating.