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#ML-4 Silver Plate Patterned Coasters, Set of 6
1 set available
Six lovely silver plated coasters with holder, in original box. From the 80s. Small area of shading on holder. Scroll design on coasters and holder. The shine won't show in the picture but they really are shined and polished. Would make a nice gift.
#ML-5 Painted Metal  Watering Can
1 available
Pretty 70's watering can. 3 dimensional applied metal flower.
Minor stain spots inside bottom and very light rust around inside spout. Could be sanded off and painted over. No dents or dings. Use to water house plants or as a decorative item, perhaps with flowers.
$9.00                                                             Order
#ML-2 Painted Art Skill Saw Blade
1 available
This is a hand painted circular skill saw blade from the 90s . The 8" blade was new when the picture was painted and is still in excellent condition.  It is solid metal, steel or whatever saw blades are made of.  There is a rural scene  very well done and the colors are vivid and clear. Signed PAF 90. A very decorative and unusual piece of art. 
$9.00                                                                     Order
#ML-7 Chrome Double Shot Jigger with Handle
I thought this vintage item was a candle snuffer but found out that is a shot jigger .  The metal is chrome and the squared handle looks like Bakelite.  It is  7 1/4" long including the hook in the end of handle.   One side has an opening of 1 7/8" diameter and the other side is 1 5/8" in diameter. Apparently one side holds 1 ounce and the other 2 ounces. Engraved on the metal rod near the handle is Japan. It is well made and would be a nice item for the collector of breweriana. There is a little wear to the chrome and to the handle, but overall it is in Very Good Condition.  I still think it might make a good candle snuffer for large candles.  That would make it multi-purpose.
Antique Brass Finish Shelf Brackets
These are vintage 70s, (10 available) heavy duty shelf brackets that fit into a standard mounted to a wall. I am not sure that these brackets are still available in this quality.  Sold by the set of 2.
(The  2 sets  of antique copper brackets, 8 1/4" long, that are pictured lower left side of picture have been sold and the  12 1/4" slanted brackets in the center have been sold.) 
Still available are
1 set available 
antique brass LONG  8 3/4" long. =2 brackets for $5.00 
4 sets  available 
antique brass MEDIUM 8 1/4" long, =2 brackets for $5.00. 
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#ML-1 Art Deco Large Brass Geese Pair
1 pair available
Vintage 50s Gander and Hen in heavy brass.  There is a label on the bottom but unable to read it. This is a fairly large pair of geese.  The Hen 8.5" long, 3" tall.  Gander is 8.5" tall, 5.5" long. Nicely detailed  wings and feet. There is some wear along the back seam on both geese.  This just adds to their antique look. No dents or dings. Overall in Very Good Condition.  Art deco type and very graceful looking.  Should be of interest to the geese or brass collector.
$14.00                                                                  Order
Painted Art Saw Blade
#ML-3 Antoinette Ornate Cast Iron Clock
1 available
Beautiful and ornate cast iron clock. Vintages 60s. It is electric but does not run. Should be easily repaired or mechanism replaced.  May just be the cord. Very detailed features in the cast iron and in the face of the clock.  The only mark is on the clock face and it reads Antoinette. It is 11" tall, and 5 1/4" wide at the footed base. Black hands and gold second hand.  The face is in excellent condition and there are only a few very tiny specks of paint loss in the finish on the cast iron. Overall it is in very good condition.  The finish looks baked on and has a nice antique look patina. Click HERE to see Back of Clock and HERE to see the side view. Very desirable Clock for the Clock or Cast Iron Collector.
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Double Sot Jigger with Handle
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