KSA Four Seasons Village Buildings, Golden Harvest Bakery, # 10 Residence, #12 Residences
KSA Four Seasons Village All Saints Church Views
KSA Four Seasons Village Buildings, Firehouse, Depot, Whythe's Market
KSA Four Seasons Miniature Figurines
KSA Four Seasons Village Accessories
Kurt S Adler, Four Season's Village.
Village, Buildings, Figurines and Accessories for 
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
Vintage & Collectible,  1994,
This wonderful village includes seven buildings,  a village park, 9 group  figurines and trees for the four seasons of the year.  In addition there are accessories of 2 street clocks, 2 street lamps, a newsstand and paper rack, a mail box for dropping off mail, 2 bags of snow, and a little house that may not be part of the original set. 86 total pieces,  Apparently this miniature Village is quite RARE as I cannot find anything about it on the Internet.  It was purchased from a gift and book store in Garland, Texas when it first came out in 1994.  Below is a description that is printed on the the two boxes that contain some of the trees.
Click on the images to take you to pages with larger images  and descriptions of all the pieces. All pieces are in  Excellent Condition.
KSA Fours Seasons Village Views
Click This image to see views of the Village
Click any of the above images to see views and descriptions of Village Buildings and Village Park
Click This image to see views and descriptions of  Village Figurines
Click This image to see views  and descriptions of Village Accessories
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