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Hi Maud,
the book arrived today in very good condition. I've already started reading - hoping that I will soon look like Greta Garbo (Gayelord Hauser's best friend). 
Thank you very much and have a blessed Christmas.
Ela M. (Germany) 
I received the china today.  It looks great.  Thank you so much.  You can't know how much it meant to me to find those replacement pieces.  My mother died the day before Thanksgiving in Ohio.  As part of my inheritance (or whatever...) I got her 12 settings of Diane china.  I mailed them to my home in Calif.  I was devastated when I saw the 7 broken pieces when I opened the box.  Thank you so much for making my mom's china service whole again!!  
Barrie N.   (Sebastopol, CA.)        
Hi Maud,
Received my booklet today and it looks great. Nice doing business with you. Good luck with the antiques contest.
Janet A. (Holmdel N.J.) 
Dear Maud,  
Received the apron today - love it.  It may be used in reality as well as for decoration.  Thanks again.  
Barb (Bristol, VA) 
I received the tray today and I am so happy with it. It is so beautiful. Thank you so much for your speed and packaging. I know that if there is anything else you have that I want I will do business with you. Just a note I am looking for the golden wheat salt and pepper shakers if you ever come across any let me now. Thank you.
Julie (Yakima, WA) 
The dishes came yesterday and my husband didn't tell me until today. They are in great shape and look beautiful in my china cabinet.  Thanks so much for the careful packing.
Sue (Waterford, OH )
I just received the pattern.  Looks just like what I want. Can't wait to make it. Thank you for your promptness.  It's nice doing business with you.
Jamie (Santa Barbara, CA) 
Hi Maud,
Hope everything is good with you. Just received my luncheon plates and all is great. Thanks for your great and prompt service. Hope to business with you again soon. 
Wanda (Red Bluff, CA.)
It was such a pleasure doing business with you. Your communication was wonderful and you were so helpful. The china dishes are really beautiful and are in excellent condition. Thanks so much, and a safe and happy holiday season to you and yours.   
Nicole (Placerville, CA )
Dear Maud
It was a real pleasure doing business with you and we were so pleased to obtain the plates from you in perfect condition, even though they had traveled about 6000 miles in the post. Your packaging is as excellent as your help,advice and service and we commend you on all four.  Very many thanks for a trouble free transaction satisfactorily completed as arranged.Yours sincerely,
Nick (Perthshire, Scotland, UK)
Hello, Maude,
I have received the shipment of the saucers today, Wednesday, and am delighted with the merchandise and the very careful way you packed them! The saucers arrived intact and are in the best condition possible. Thank you, Maude, for being forthright in the description you gave on your website of the condition of the saucers. They look exactly as I expected  after  reading the description of them. I look forward with pleasure to doing business with you again! I needed to complete my mother's china set after losing all the saucers upon shipment from my parents' residence to mine (due to breakage in shipment) and thanks to you I have been able to do that. Now the set is complete and usable again! Gratefully and with my best regards,
Rosario (Claremont, CA)
Hello Maud, 
Got the 2 bird cookie cutters today. They are so cute. I love them. My little almost 5 year old granddaughter said oh boy Nanna, now we can make some little cookies. You are a very kind and prompt seller. A seller who is concerned about the buyers needs. I have enjoyed doing business with you and will look forward to doing business with you again soon as I have bookmarked your website. I am a very happy customer. Thanks Again. 
Beth (Batesville, AR)
Hi Maud, 
The cookie cutters came today. Thank you very much. I plan on using the LOVE cutter for my daughter's bridal shower. A friend bought it years ago (when it 1st came out) but lost it. I always remembered it and wished I had it for Valentine's Day cookies. I thought how perfect it would be for the shower.  I have been using Hallmark cutters for years; I have many of the originals that you are selling. I plan to check out the website again.
Carol (Killingworth, CT)
Good Morning,
I did receive my package with the two lovely plates.  I think they were so well packed, there was no danger of their breaking! Thank you so much.  My mother had some lovely plates, one of which was in the Lariat pattern with the upright loops.  Her plate was larger – probably about 21”, I think.  We were hostessing at a meeting one day and when we were carrying the plates to the car, she dropped them and they broke into a million pieces.  She said, “It’s only glass.”  I knew how long she had had those plates and how much she liked them.  It wasn't’ only glass.  She’s been gone a number of years, but I enjoy nice glass and I enjoy collecting what she had, as a way of remembering her.  I actually didn’t know which pattern that plate was until I was home this week and had time to Google.  You have a lovely website.  The plates are beautiful.  I’ll check out your website again!
Thanks again,
Marjorie (Richmond, VA)
Hi Maud,
I received my cookie cutters yesterday, they were so well wrapped. I could only find one of the similar cookie cutters, which was given to me by my dear mother-in-law, but was unable to find any others.  My daughter found your website, and I was so thrilled when I was able to purchase the others. My grandson and I have already made ornaments using the cookie cutters. He is only 4 years old and learned to make them in pre-school.  Thank you so much for making it possible for me to make such special memories with my grandson. I'm sure I will be visting your website again.
Thanks again,
Linda (Philadelphia, PA)
Dear Maud,
Both arrived in perfect condition! I am so happy to finally be completing the set. I had purchased the original set at a flea market, with 12 (give or take a few pieces) place settings, and I decided I would really like to fill it out to the full 12 place settings. I also am trying to acquire a few serving pieces at a time. I think I still need a dinner plate and two soup/salad bowls, and about 3 replacement coffee cups, maybe one more saucer.  (2 cups have chips, one is crazed and has stains in them). I will certainly continue to watch your website for more of my gazebo white pattern. 
Thanks again for your care in shipping.
Marianne (Hamersville, OH)            (Pfaltzgraff gazebo white platter and bread plate.)
Hi Maud,
I received my package of dishes yesterday, and everything is in wonderful condition!!  I'm so glad that I found your website.  The china I ordered was to complete my grandmother's set.  She had recently given me one of her sets of china, but over the years some pieces had been lost or broken during moving.  I'm so happy to have been able to order those items from you.  I'm actually probably getting ready to order the salad plates as well! :) 
Thanks again!
Alicia  (Nashville, TN) 
I received the package yesterday and was so pleased with the Macrame Owl. It is in perfect condition and was exactly as pictured. Thank you for your promptness. It will be a housewarming gift for my daughter who requested a Macrame Owl! So glad I was able to find one.
Carol (Carbondale, IL)

SHARON (Hutchinson, KS)
the sugar shaker is lovely,   in excellent condition and exactly as described.  This will be a nice addition to my collection.  I really apprecaite your outstanding communication from questions regarding the purchase to your follow up on the delivery (and very well packaged).  You have been one of the best sellers to deal with.  I'll be back again! 
Kathy (Santa Monica, CA)
Thank you so much for the fast shipment.  I was so excited to see the hug bug cookie cutter. 
I collected many of the Hallmark cutters when I was in high school and used them often to make cookies for my children.  My boys are all grown now and my cutters were lost in a move.  Now I can make new memories with my grandchildren. Thanks again and I will be checking your site often for new arrivals.
Susan (Caspian, MI)
I received the 'Dreaming' in the attic plate you sent me yesterday in great condition.  Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. I moved and finally was able to get many of my treasures out of storage this fall.  I had hung my plate set of Norman Rockwell and to my horror a couple of days later, the plate fell and broke.  I was just sick.  I immediately went to the computer to see what I could find and your business popped up and to my great surprise and relief I found the same plate I had broken.  It now hangs proudly in my dining room with the others I have. I wish you a very 'Happy Holiday" and thanks again for coming to my rescue.
Dianne (Largo, FL)
Hi Maud,
I recieved the cookie cutter on the 24th on this month.  I have to thank you so very much, it brings back many memories of my childhood.  It's funny the little things like that that mean so much to you when they're not there any more.  My Grandmother had the same one, she passed away of cancer  over 3 and 1/2 years ago.  She taught me how to bake, was my favorite thing to do with her since I was a tot.  So when I was doing my Christmas baking last year with my then 1 and 1/2 year old daughter I realized something was missing.  That's when I first searched the web for it (as no one in the family knew where it went), and found that it was this very rare vintage santa cookie cutter, had no idea.  Anyway, thank you for making it possible to have another reminder of my Grandmother in my life, and something I can pass on to my daughter.  It truly means a lot.
Carla :-) (British Columbia)

Hi Maud, 
I purchased the Hallmark cookie shapers from you (dinosaur, sheep, whale & duck) and wanted you to know they arrived.  I just love them, they're adorable!  Thank you for the fast shipment!
Rebecca (Concord CA.)
Dear Maud, 
I received the books. They are a wonderful piece of history. Thank you for packing them so well. 
Jim (Rhoadesville, VA)
The plates came today. I love them ! I appreciate the plate hanger already on the plate. Thank you again.
Happy Easter !
Susan (Vicksburg, MS)
Just wanted to thank you again. I love the holly hobbie plates. I appreciate the care you took to make sure they arrived safely. I love this site.
Susan (Vicksburg, MS)
Dear Maud 
My apron arrived today.  Thank you so much.  I got my first Everyday Food apron as a gift with subscription, and have worn it and washed it to a faded pastel.  It is my favorite, so it was about time for a new one, not that I’m going to give away the old one which will now retire to big projects, like summer canning and holiday dinners.  Continued good luck with your mail order business. 
Best regards,
Dr. Dana  (Richmond, CA)

I just had to personally thank you for your wonderful site and your excellent customer service! My order arrived in just 2 days after my son placed it and in perfect condition! I have to tell you how incredibly happy you have made me! The item ordered was a replacement for a treasure I thought was forever lost to me. The original was unfortunately broken a few days ago but then I found your site. Exact copy! You see, the item was a Christmas Plate that has held Christmas cookies for Santa through 3 children. Two of them grown now and the last one is now 17 years old. As you might imagine that plate had/has a very special place in my heart! Thanks to you,I have it AGAIN! When I need or want something Special I will visit your site!!!
Kim ( Montclair, CA.)

Received my two Unicorn plates on Friday, July 15, 2016. LOVE, LOVE THEM! So pretty!!! Great price, super fast ship! Thank you,
Kathy (Edmond, OK.)
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