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Musical Santa in Sleigh
Musical Santa in Sleigh, side
#CX2-2 Vintage Wicker Horn Christmas Decoration
Hand decorated  brown wicker horn with ribbon, 
apples and greenery. size 12" by 18". Other than a small missing red Ornament from 1 of the 3 valves inside the horn it is in good condition.  The decorations are a bit loose and could be tied or hot glued more securely. Wicker is in excellent condition. Attached cord for hanging..
$7.00                                                                  Order
#CX2-3 Musical Santa in Sleigh
Vintage 80s. Really nicely detailed Santa in his sleigh.  He is holding a teddy bear in one hand and a ball in the other. There is a gift wrapped package and a bag at his feet.  He is sitting on a blanket that is also behind him.  There is a music box under the sleigh and touching it makes it play a little tune. 5 1/4" tall,  5 1/2" long, 2 3/4" wide. The runners on the sleigh are metal. Santa Claus comes in original box marked Holiday Style Musical, distributed by Dolgencorp, inc. Goodlettsville, TN. Made in China. Quality ceramic in excellent condition.
$12.00                                                                 Order
St Nicholas Figurine
St. Nicholas Figurine & Box
#CX2-4 St Nicholas Figurine
Vintage 1993 Ceramic Collectible Figurine. I call this beautifully detailed figure, St. Nicholas. He was the bishop from Myra in the 1700s, a forerunner of Santa Claus in the "old country".  He does have a bit of a frown or serious look.  Not jolly like Santa.  He is 4 1/4" tall.  He has a full gray beard,  a flowing hooded robe and is carrying a Christmas tree. Comes with original box marked Holiday Boutique, collectible figurine. c 1993, made in China for Actions Industries, inc., Cheswick PA. Would look very nice in a Christmas tableau.  In excellent condition.
$9.00                                                    Order
#CX2-5 Samichlaus, Swiss Santa Figurine with Donkey, 1993
1 available
Label on bottom of figurine reads, sco9 Samichlaus, SWITZLERLAND 
© 1993 International Resourceing Services Inc. Very detailed figurine with donkey who has a basket of toys on his back and a wreath around his neck  with  a gold ribbon bow.  Santa is wearing a long  full red garment and a flowing robe with  attached hood with opulent trim and belt.  He has candy canes in his right hand and a gold ring on his left ring finger. There are holly leaves with berries on the ground.
The figurine appears to be resin without a shinny finish. There is no damage of any kind.  The bottom has green felt and round label and the  diameter is 2.1/4".  Samichlaus is 4 3/4" tall. Length of donkey is 3".
There are different groups in Switzerland and each one has their own name for Santa and their own traditions.  Samichlaus is the German name for Santa. Very nice
figurine to help celebrate Christmas.
Was $15.00                        
Christmas Yarn Wreath

#CX2-11 Hand Crafted Christmas Yarn Wreath
Lovely handmade and unusual Christmas wreath made of green yarn on a Styrofoam ring base. 25" diameter. Red Velvet bow, artificial gold, green and red holly trim with red silk covered balls.  Nicely done and in excellent condition.
$15.00                                                               Order  
#CX2-12 Large Christmas Velvet Bow
Vintage Bow Ribbon Christmas Decoration.  Red velvet lined with a slick material that appears to be water resistant. It is 48" long and the large multi ribboned bow is 19" wide. About half way down the streamers there are about 4 small stains.  Two stains on the back of the bow that do not show from the front. In the image the spot where the bow ties is a shadow. Very Good Condition overall and the streamers could either be folded up so the stains don't show or could be cut.  If you need a large bow  at a discounted price this is it.
$5.00                                                                 Order  
Large Red Christmas Bow
#MB-2 Wire Tile Christmas Basket
Really neat chicken wire basket painted gold color.  Gingerbread man surrounded by candy tile bottom. Two handles.  8 1/2" square at top, 3 3/8" tall.  Tile is 6" square. Makes a very good basket for Christmas cards, or Christmas display.  Could be used year round to hold odds and ends in any room.  No paint loss or flaws.  Very Good+ Condition.
$9.00                                                                    Order
Wire & Tile Christmas Basket, tile
Wire & Tile Christmas Basket
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Vintage Wicker Horn Christmas Decoration
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#CX2-8 Ceramic Star Snowman
Snowman Holder with cord. It is 5 7/8" tall, Front 6 1/4" wide, Opening 2  1/4" wide front to back.  Raised design, snowman head, stars, snowflakes and letters.  It reads "Star light, Star Bright" on the back Can hang it or set on a surface. Nice for Candy, bon bons, flowers, candy canes, etc. EX condition.Mark=produced for Houston Harvest Gift Products, LLC, made in China.  Neat Vintage 80s Christmas collectible.
$6.00                                                                 Order
Ceramic Star Snowman
Ceramic Star Snowman, back
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#CH-1 Fabric Stuffed NOEL
Large stuffed Christmas decoration with Mrs. Santa peeking through the O. She is wearing a red cap, gold rimmed glasses and holding a present. This is a vintage 70s wall hanging but could also be set on a surface with something to lean against. About 9" tall by 20" wide. Red calico cotton type printed fabric. Plastic rings sewed on the back for hanging. Click HERE to view back.  Especially nice in an entrance as a Christmas Greeting.  Very Good condition.
$10.00                                                             Order
Fabric Stuffed NOEL
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