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#AV-11 Avon Jadeite Swirled Slag Glass Pitcher and Bowl Set 1978
1 available
Beautiful 1978, limited edition Jadeite light green-aqua slag glass pitcher made by Fostoria Glass for AVON. Very decorative and collectible. The water pitcher has a sculptured rose for a stopper and sculptured roses on both sides of the pitcher. Marked Avon. Contained Avon Skin so Soft Bath oil. Pitcher is in excellent condition .Pitcher is 5"tall.  No chips, cracks or scratches and is made of thick glass green swirled jadeite glass. EX condition. A must  have for the Avon and the Jadeite Collector. 
Was $40.00 Now $34.00                                       
#AV-3 AVON HEADVASE Crystal Revolutionary Soldier, 1979. 
1 available
I think he looks like Paul Revere.  The head vase held a smokers candle when new. Mint condition. 3 5/8" tall, 3 5/8" wide at hat. Hard to get a good picture but he is a handsome fellow.
        All in good to excellent condition.  No cracks or chips.

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#AV-4 Avon Sure Winner Racing Car(1972-75)
1 available  
This handsome blue racer is a fine Avon collectible. Cobalt blue in color, 7" long, 3.5" wide. 5.5 OZ, came in Wild Country or Oland after shave. EX condition.
$9.00                                                                                        Order
#AV-5 Avon Sterling 6 1968-70 
1 available
Label=Avon for men. Sterling 6 Leather after shave 7 oz.Nice detail with running board and rumble seat hatch. 7 1/4" long.  Has a surface crack in the spare tires on the back. `This is the light amber with smooth top. Good Condition.  Book value is $50.00.
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#AV-7 Avon "Solid Gold Cadillac" 1969-73
1 available
"Gold Cadillac". 2 1/4" high, 2 1/4" deep & 7" long. Half full of Wild Country after shave. Base is clear glass painted gold. Trunk is plastic painted gold. Paint is peeling on left side  Click HERE to see left side. Very elegantly detailed auto. Good Condition.
#AV-9 Avon Straight Eight Racer 1969-71 
1 available 
"Straight Eight" Racing Car. 2 1/4" high, 2 1/4" deep & 6 1/4" long. Base is dark green glass. Trunk is dark green colored plastic.  Nice Detail. Excellent  Condition.
$9.00                                                                                      Order
#AV-10 1970 Avon Electric Charger
1 available
Empty. It had 5 fluid ounces of Spicy After Shave. 6" long,
2 1/2" wide. Black glass. Red plastic trunk that covers the cap is missing Car and red decals on both sides of the car are in Excellent condition.
$8.00                                                                           Order
Avon  Jadeite Pitcher Bowl.jpg
 Avon Electric Charger Carriage Car
Avon Sure Winner Racing Car
Avon "Stage Coach"
Avon Sterling 6 vintage car with rumble seat
AVON HEADVASECrystal Revolutionary Soldier
AVON HEADVASECrystal Revolutionary Soldier
Avon "Solid Gold Cadillac"
Avon Straight Eight Racer
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#AV-12 Avon Mother's Day Collector Plate, Love is a Song 1983
1 available
Backstamp reads "Love is a Song". 1983 Mother's Day Plate, Exclusively crafted of Avon Products, Inc. © AVON 1983 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Japan. Three children picking daises and singing in the sunshine. Gold edge trim.Plate is 5" in diameter. Includes display stand.  Lovely plate that will make a mother smile.
Was $14.00 now on Sale $9.00                                Order

Avon Mother's Day Collector Plate, Love is a Song 1983
Avon Mother's Day Collector Plate, Love is a Song 1983
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AV-8 Avon Stagecoach 1970-71
1 available
Stagecoach is 3" high, 2"deep & 5" long. Base is dark amber glass. Front is copper colored plastic .Excellent condition. Very Nice details.
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